New School Tattoo Aesthetics

New School Tattoo Aesthetics

Today, new school tattoos are among the most recognizable tattoos around. Basically, they’re like wearing a crazy comic-book character on your body.

Intensely vibrant hues, eye-catchingly colorful characters, rounded shapes and cartoony concepts make New School tattoos look very lively, which often leads people to get some pretty cool animesex pieces tattooed.

New School tattoos borrow characteristics and essences from many other styles (Neo Traditional, for example) as well as from video games, manga, hentai content and even anime sex.

Let’s know a little more about their origins, influences and styles!

What is a new school tattoo?

They are tattoos that combine elements of traditional American tattoos with influences from pop culture, allowing artists more freedom to experiment with outlines, color, and bolder and more vibrant images.

It is influenced by Japanese aesthetics and is often expressed through the culture of video games, comics, anime and manga. Partly thanks to widespread public access to the Internet and cable television.

Styles of the new school

Styles of the new school

Japanese animation has an incredible history of its own, however it wasn’t by itself that it managed to influence new school styles.

Overseas appreciation of shows like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and other cultural movements led fans to turn to the only artists in the industry capable or interested in bringing their wonderfully nerdy tattoos to life.

While cartoons certainly have the biggest influence within New School tattoos, graffiti is another big slice of the pie. Graffiti quickly became a mainstream art form.

New School tattooers have used the bright colors, parallel shadows and swooping, graceful lines of street artists as inspiration for their own work.

I have an idea, where to start?

As with any other style, the first thing you need to define is where you want your animesex design to go.

This is something you should know well before contacting a new age artist and this is because the location will allow the tattooist to know the shape and contours that they may or may not use.

New age tattoos are quite difficult to do, so the second important step would be to choose a good artist who specializes in this particular style. Take your time to search and research, but be aware that these tattoo artists are usually quite busy and your appointment may take a while.

Communicate to your artist exactly what you want in your animesex tattoo, remember that this is a pop culture based style which makes the options endless and can make your vision a little more difficult to define.

Work with the artist from the beginning of the process, this is the best way to get a design that you are 100% satisfied with.

Top artists within the new school

Top 3 artists within the new school

Due to the easy adaptability of the New School tattoo style, many artists choose to work in this style and influence it with their own personal tastes and predilections. However, there is a group of artists who have undoubtedly become experts and undisputed reference within this culture.

Let’s meet some of them:

  • Michela Bottin: Is an artist known for her perfect recreation of many Disney characters, from Lilo and Stitch to Hades from Hercules, as well as Pok√©mon creatures and animesex stars.
  • Brando Chiesa: He is certainly well known for his very colorful pieces that include many manga and hentai inspirations.
  • Jesse Smith: Works with a really simple new school, with surrealistic shapes and styles influenced by cartoons. He often fuses his work with neo-traditional and realistic styles, creating a completely new look of his own.

This genre of art gives artists a lot of material to work with and play with in their creations, achieving stylistic qualities that gamers, anime lovers and comic book fans love!