First Tattoo: Know how to decide and how to act

Many tattoos are beautiful and amazing, but for the first tattoo you need to take it easy. Think carefully about what you want and see all the details. And when you’re a beginner in something it’s really scary, even more tattoos, which hurt and mark your skin forever.

That’s why this article will help you, who wants to get your first tattoo, with all the details you need to know. This way you won’t make the wrong decisions and everything will work out fine in the end.

Don’t do it on impulse

Tattooing your new boyfriend’s name is not the best idea. Especially for those who have just turned 18 – the age when tattooing is allowed – if you’re younger than that, don’t even try. And don’t risk getting it done in a place that accepts it and is cheaper – you can have serious problems like infection.

If you are over 18 and have decided to get your first tattoo, calm down. You don’t have to decide one day and be in the tattoo parlor the next. Take a few weeks and even months, if necessary, to decide what to tattoo and all the details.

Remember that this design or phrase will stay on your skin forever. And you don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of having to cover it up or have it removed. So be patient.

Choose your first tattoo carefully

Until you actually get your first tattoo, you have no way of knowing whether you will actually enjoy being tattooed. And no matter how beautiful it may look, in the end you may find out that it’s not quite what you wanted.

So the tip is to choose a small tattoo. Even if that first tattoo makes you discover a passion for getting tattooed, it is better not to risk it too much at first. And to avoid this becoming a trauma for you.

It is worth remembering that depending on the place, tattooing can hurt a lot. So to avoid giving up because of the pain, it is worth choosing a tattoo that is not so extensive.

The design or words will be up to you. But ideally it should be something that has marked you as a person. If you want to mark your skin for the first time, it is worth investing in something that has already marked your life. This decreases the chances of regrets and of you wanting to cover up or remove your first tattoo.

The name of your favorite singer at the moment, a sentence you read the other day. Momentary things are not the best ideas.

Choose a good professional

This is a crucial point, you already know what you want to get tattooed and you are sure of your decision. Now it is time to look for a good professional. As in all professions, there are great tattoo artists and there are those who don’t do a good job.

Looking for someone who has already tattooed a friend is a good idea. Always try to know about the tattooist’s other work and visit his studio, talk about your first tattoo before hiring the service.

Hygiene is the main factor, it is possible to get infections with tattoos made without the proper hygiene. So don’t save money on this by going to the cheapest one that will tattoo you anyway. You will pay more in the end.

Look for good tattoo artists and keep in mind that a good tattoo is not that cheap. Of course, the price will vary according to the size of the tattoo.

Getting a tattoo hurts

Tattooing does hurt. Accept that and embrace the courage. The procedure is to place ink into deeper layers of the skin with the use of a needle. So yes, it hurts. Of course some places hurt more than others. And for your first tattoo, it is worth choosing a place that hurts less.

The sides of the thighs, biceps, and forearms hurt the least. It is worth talking to your tattoo artist about the location and asking where it hurts the least before making this decision.

Anesthetic ointments can help if you have low pain resistance. But it is worth remembering that you will still feel some discomfort and the effect will wear off if the tattoo is very elaborate, because it takes longer. Talk to your tattoo artist about it.

If any tattoo artist offered to inject anesthetic into you for the pain. Run away. No tattoo artist can anesthetize anyone. Besides it can alter the result of the tattoo. Anesthesia can only be applied by specialized doctors.


Don’t be nervous about the situation. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Be well fed and bring a chocolate or snack, being well fed makes you more resistant and prevents you from getting sick.

Don’t drink alcohol because it thins the blood and makes it harder for the paint to stick. And if you need to take a friend with you, to talk, to distract you from the pain, and even to shake your hand if you need to. It’s ok. Most tattoo artists are very nice and will talk to you to relax you further.

Care with healing

In addition to not being exposed to the sun, you can’t scratch or take baths, or go into the sea. Take all the care that your tattoo artist tells you to do, and avoid any problems when it comes time to heal.